Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Please Support the Victims of Joplin, MO

It seems like every time I get a chance to post on here lately it happens to be something totally random and not very... I'm grasping for straws to find the right word here. I feel like I haven't really promoted my hands on art as of late (?). That still doesn't seem right. I feel I'm neglecting this thing honestly. I feel like I was swooped up into the working world again only to get carried away with getting caught up and my time became less open.

Its times like that when something occurs. Something so surreal that it pulls you back down to reality with such veracity that you realize even though life is a highway, there are many rest stops and scenic routes you really shouldn't pass up. No, I am not talking about the rapture. My screeching to a halt moment happened to be Sunday, May 22, 2011. If you have been watching the news, then you'll probably know that I'm speaking of the Joplin, MO tornado.

I've lived in Missouri my whole life, so this really hit close to home. I have lots of friends in that area, and one of my oldest friends had a very close call. I found myself completely sucked into the news and media coverage about the whole situation. I soon found myself connecting with people I had never met and wishing them the best in finding loved ones and getting shelter. I couldn't believe how upset I had become over the entire situation. I wanted to do something. I almost drove down to volunteer, but I couldn't find the sound of mind individual in me to prepare for what I might actually see. Plus, I knew they already had their hands full of individuals who were already showing up left and right.

This still didn't deter the feeling that I wanted to do something. I decided to put my skills to use for good. Below you will find a link. It will direct you to my Etsy shop where I have four separate color posters for sale. They all have the same design; they all feature a poem written by Langston Hughes, titled Still Here. Hughes was born in Joplin, and this poem seemed nothing less than fitting for the situation.

This here is the important part. I'm taking all of the proceeds from each poster sale and donating them equally between the Red Cross and the Salvation Army efforts for Joplin. All that I ask of you is simple. I don't expect everyone to purchase a poster, however if you don't, what I would ask is that you share it. In that, I mean tell your friends, tell your co-workers or even post it on Facebook or Twitter. The more exposure the better. I don't plan on profiting off this in the least. It just my way of making an effort to something that has affected so many people around me and so many people I know.

So please, help me to make a difference, because if a lot of people pull together,
the impact could be amazing.

Etsy Shop... Please be sure to note there are four different color options.

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  1. Such a big heart, in such a lovely individual.