Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i{art}u! No really I do....

Please check out the link below! I know I've been aloof, but I am thinking this might make up for my MIA shenanigans by pointing you to this super cool photographer's dream giveaway below.

i art u blog is pretty sweet. I've been checking it out for a few weeks now, and it's nice to see someone who is as hooked on taking pictures as I am right now. At least I know if I went to lomography rehab, I'd know someone there. That is if I ever went, but why on earth would I!?!?!?

As for me being a bit out of sorts, I'd like to leave you with some parting words of wisdom from a sweet friend of mine, "I miss you like a fat kid misses cake."

Not quite the correct phrase, but the message is clear. My response? I miss you (Jayna) too, like a sixth grade science class. Why? because there is sooooo much chemistry!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Loch Ness of Summer Colds - I caught it.

Again, I've been home sick. I'm not normally one of those people who reverts to an infant when they develop something as simple a sniffle. I normally like to put on the brave face and take it. This 'virus' as the doctor calls it, is quite possibly one of the most painfully debilitating illnesses I've encountered that has only involved a runny nose, and a cough. Who knew all those little things that can get screwed up due to your nose draining the wrong way!? I've been out of commission for literally days now. I'm trapped in my apartment. I tried going to the pharmacy earlier just to 'get out' (and re-stock), and holy moly was that a mistake. I thought I might have to call my Jim to come get me.

So, what have I been doing since Friday evening when this evil virus struck? I've been sitting on the couch. I've been watching movies and sleeping. I've been wiping my nose raw, and eating cough drops like candy. Seems like a lot of waste right? Well there is a window of time after taking my medicine that I actually feel (somewhat) decent. During one of these few moments of clarity I must have had the TV set to some mythical creature show, and I began to get this goofy idea. I've spent the last two and a half days throughout my intermittent moments to throw it together.

Pardon the bizarre posts while Abby is heavily surfing the cold medicine wave.
She really can't help it.