Friday, November 12, 2010

I love awesome people...

A little over a year ago, some GREAT friends of mine hired me to do some quick sketches of them for their business cards. These awesome friends are from REACTOR design studio. These guys, Chase and Clifton, are awesome. No, scratch that, they are EPIC. To my surprise, the business cards received some mention on the AIGA site for their A6 awards. What pleased me was that they included me in the mention, and it totally made my day. I have to say that being a part (even if it was an incredibly small part) of their project was great.

So, I proceeded to parade around for five minutes cheering for myself, and I shall spend much longer continuously cheering for the guys over at REACTOR. Congrats to them for being so mind-blowingly awesome at making sure print is indeed not dead, and for being such awesome people to work with.